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I am a New Brunswick born Acadian with over 30 years experience and a portfolio of over 150 sucessful transformation projects. I lead strategic transformations for business, federal and provincial governments and academia. My large-scale transformation projects include Heath Care, Transportation, Shared Services, Federal/Provincial initiatives, Climate Change, Indigenous People, Professional Regulation, Justice, Academia, Finance & Banking, Sports, Public Policy, Defence, Aerospace and others.

I work with senior and executive leaders and their teams to overcome complex challenges on the path to achieving transformational change. Over the past 20 years I’ve developed Collaborative Transformation¬©; a game-changing set of tools and processes for leading transformation change in complex, brutally difficult situations.

In a field that researchers claim has a 30% success rate, Collaborative Transformation© offers success rates above 90%, peace of mind and all the benefits of getting the job done right.

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